March 31, 2020 - It has become evident that we will be forced to postpone the start of the 2020 season. We here at The Bird will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and the Federal, State, and Local restrictions that are in place as a result. We WILL NOT attempt to circumvent the regulations put in place, nor would we ever want compromise the health and safety of the public.


We will continue to prepare for opening day, and we will likely still begin the season with an open practice session. As we begin to learn and understand more in the coming weeks, we will announce a new starting date when it is deemed safe to do so.


Until then, we encourage everyone to follow the recommendations of the Healthcare Professionals, and do what is necessary help stop the spread of this virus. Don't be selfish,  be part of the solution. Also, be sure to wash your hands regularly, especially before touching a racecar.


Lastly, we would like to thank our healthcare workers who are risking their lives for us right now, and all others who are still out there keeping our communities, our state, and our country moving forward. If we're going to get over this, we'll have to do it together. God bless, stay safe, and please don't hesitate to help those that might need it the most.

Welcome to our newest sponsor - Accelo Racewear...

Sending out healing thoughts & prayers to Mark Auman, Sr.  Most everyone who’s been to Hummingbird Speedway knows Mark (or, if not, they know his son, Billy).  Mark has been having serious medical issues since last summer & recently underwent surgery in Philadelphia.  He is currently recovering at home.  If you’d like to send him a get well card, his mailing address is: P.O. Box 53, Weedville, PA 15868.  If you would like to personally call him, PM me (through either my personal Facebook page or the Speedway’s) & I will give you the phone number. If you don’t have Facebook, send me a message through the “CONTACT US” page here on the website.


Dave Resinger

RainedOut has now started charging for a subscription to receive text messages. If you had previously signed up to receive alerts from us, you should have received a message; or go to for more info.

Reserved parking for 2020 is now open and available.

Competitors that had reserved spots last year will have the opportunity to renew their spots for 2020. An image of the parking map is below with an "x" signifying spots that are unavailable unless they are relinquished. Also, 18-27 will not be available unless all other spots are filled. The registration form includes the rules for paid parking and information for mailing and payments. See below for links to the registration forms.  Payments for reserved parking will be due by April 1st. Any spots not paid for by April 1st will be re-listed as available. Please be aware that reserved parking is not intended for personal vehicles.

See the new "FORMS" page - click HERE or find it under the HOME menu - for info/registration form. (There's also a pit diagram.)

Other things on the forms page:

  • Registration Form

  • Minor Waiver/Release Form

… so you can fill these out ahead of time instead of having to do it at the track.

Thanks to all who made the 2019 race season a success... Race teams, fans, sponsors, and track officials/workers. So what happens now? Well, of course, we begin preparing for 2020. Click the photo for a look at some work going on at the track.


Congratulations to September 7th feature winners:

  • BWP Bats Late Models

#1C - Mike Pegher

"King Of The Hill"...

#4S - David Scott

  • Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair and Service Semi-Late Models

#1M Zach Myers


  • Sunny 106.5 Pure Stocks

#516 Bob McMillen

  • Lockwood Processing Four Cylinders

#42 Jeff Huber

Hummingbird Speedway would like to give a huge thank you to Dwayne & Dwight Brooks of Brooks Services, and Kenny Schaffer of Ken Schaffer Excavating for all of their help and equipment this weekend. We'd also like to thank Scott Alvetro, Elmo, Harry Confer, Jim Mays, Bob Connor, Ron Lyons, and Peach Sr & Jr for putting in some long hours as well. We'd also like to thank Babe for keeping the men fed, and Louie for supplying the sandbox. There's still more work to do in the coming weeks, but Central PA's Fastest Bullring just got faster!

Note: The total amount of dirt added was between 4,000 & 5,000 tons, or approximately 10" of material around the track(some places more, and some places less), and the transition at the top of turns 1, 3, & 4 was elimated.

The 2019 Racing Season at the Bird came to a close with the 4th Annual Eric Witherite Memorial. Thanks to all who supported the event...

The Sub Hub

BWP Bats

Bernheiesel two-seater

Lap sponsors:

1. Kristy Connor $10
2. Kristy Connor $10
3. John Allen $10
4. In Memory of Mick Orsich $20.
5. Anderson Construction $10
6. Morgan Henry $10
7. Scott Martinez $10
8. Bandit Fabrication $20
9. Morgan Henry $10
10. Allison Family $10
11. McMillen Racing $10
12. Peach $20
13. Cindy Stewart $10
14. Scott Martinez $10
15. R&M Motorsports $100
16. Jeremy Stewart $10
17. Dave & Connie Resinger $20
18. Bandit Fabrication $20
19. Steven Curry $20
20. Young Gun Jr. Sprints $10
21. Gale Huey $10
22. Gale Huey $10
23. R&M Motorsports $10
24. Morgan Henry $20
25. Wicked Lawn Services $25
26. Peach $20
27. Allison Family $10
28. Swauger Racing $20
29. Jim & Matt Heindl $10
30. #techpaulkot $20
31. Scott Martinez $10
32. Scott Martinez $10
33. Scott Martinez $10
34. McMillen Racing $10
35. Peoples Auto Body $10

2019 Hummingbird Speedway Point Champions

Paul Kot

Nick Erskine

Bruce Hartzfeld

Justin Watt

Joe Anthony

The official fuel and parts vendor of Hummingbird Speedway...


Thank you to our sponsors...

15649 Route 36
Brookville, PA 15825

And thanks to McPherson Auto Body & Towing for helping out at the track.

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