Next Saturday, July 18th, we'll hold the 2nd Annual Gateway Special Memorial to honor our late friend, Tommy Scott. Tom was a long-time friend and supporter of the Speedway, as well as a former driver, car owner, and mentor to many local driver throughout the years.
This will also be the first-ever event for the Homak POP Powered by Can-Am Penn/Ohio Pro Stocks at Hummingbird Speedway! This will be a $1200/win $200/start event, with Penn/Ohio Touring Series points on the line, as well as Points for the "ThunderBird Mini Series"! This will be the first of 6 races for the ThunderBird Mini-Series, and more info about the Mini-Series will be posted. Detailed info can also be found in the Penn/Ohio Series press release. Show-up points (50) will also be awarded for Hummingbird Speedway's 2020 Championship Points to all Street/Pro Stock drivers who participate, and a $35 Registration Fee must be paid to Penn/Ohio to all those who participate. This will be a 25-lap event with lap sponsors available for a minimum of $10.
That's not all! Included in this year's Gateway Special will be a $1000/win $150/start Semi-Late Special! Semi-Late drivers will also be awarded show-up points (50) for those who participate, and will include a registration fee of $25. This will also be a 25-lap event with lap sponsors available for a minimum of $10.

Full payouts for both races can be viewed >HERE<.
We will also be raising money for the Gateway Humane Society. We will be selling water balloons for 2 for $1 for a little extra something at intermission, as well as having drivers pass helmets to help collect much needed funds to support our local Animal Shelter, which our friend Tom helped to build.
This will be a 5-division program with the running order listed below. Trophies will be presented by the family of Tom Scott, and Hard-Charger awards will be presented by JMB Photography for the Street/Pro Stocks and Sem-Lates.
Gates open at 4:00
Driver's meeting at 6:15
Pill draw closes at 6:30
Hot Laps for Pro Stocks & Semi-Lates @ 6:45
Prayer/National Anthem/Racing at 7:00
-Hot Laps
Running Order: Late Models, Pro Stocks, Semi-Lates, Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinders
Adults $15
Children 6-10 $7
Under 6 FREE
Pits: $30
Again, there are lap sponsors available for the special events with a $10 minimum. Lap sponsors will be updated as payment arrangements are received. Contact Peach Caltagarone on Facebook or email to make arrangements.
We'd like to thank our sponsors for the 2nd Annual Gateway Specia Tom Scott Memorial:
The Friends and Family of Tom Scott, Andy's Automotive, Brady St. Notary, People's Auto Body, Swanson Heavy Truck Repair, Hovis Auto Parts, and JMB Photography.
Anyone else interested in providing contingencies or positional sponsorships can contact Peach as well.
The Gateway Special is getting bigger and better already, you won't want to miss it! If you made other plans you should probably just cancel them now! Join us next Saturday as we celebrate the life of a great friend to many!
Thank you all for your continued support!
**Update** The Semi-Late purse is already going up thanks to Caltagarone Equipment Service of Reynoldsville! The payout will be updated as more information becomes available.


July 10, 2020 (Sandy Lake, PA) The next event for the Homak Penn Ohio Pro Stock Series powered by Can-Am is the Tom Scott Memorial at Hummingbird Speedway in Reynoldsville, PA and will pay at least $1,200 to win and $200 to start.  The race will be the 2nd race of the season for the touring series and the first of six races for the "Thunderbird Mini Series". 

The Penn Ohio Series has teamed up with Hummingbird Speedway and Thunder Mountain Speedway in Brookville, PA to feature 4 races at Hummingbird and 2 races at Thunder Mountain giving drivers of the Series an opportunity to battle for a six-race points championship.  Sponsors of the "Thunderbird Mini Series" include STAAR Trucking and the Day Spa du'Bois at Hummingbird Speedway and Triple Nickle Distillery and Bubba's Racing Supply at Thunder Mountain Speedway.

Points will be awarded for the touring series and the "Thunderbird Mini Series".  Drivers must be a 2020 member of the Penn Ohio Series to be eligible for both point championships.  The touring series champion is expected to receive $3,000; and, the Mini Series champion is expected to receive at least $1,000.  Drivers can still register for the Series and be eligible for the point chases, as well as contingency prizes given at each event: Hoosier tire donated by Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic and Precise Racing Products, American Racer tire donated by American Racer and Lias Tire, wheel cover from Dirt Defender, Trick Shot from STAAR Lubricants, and certificates from Close Racing Supply, Ultra Shield Racing Products, Big Daddy's Speed Center, Wedge Motorsports, and Joe Willcox Performance Automatics.  For more information on becoming a Series member, download the 2020 registration or contact Series Promoter, Shaun Hooks at 724-730-1623. 

The Series will follow up the Hummingbird event with a race at Michael's Mercer Raceway on Saturday, July 25th.  The Series was originally scheduled to travel to the New Stateline Speedway on that date; however, due to the uncertainty of the Pandemic situation Stateline track officials decided to cancel the event.

The 2020 Penn Ohio Pro Stock Championship Series is brought to you by Homak, “Globally Known & Professionally Trusted since 1947” and powered by Can-Am, “We’re built for this”; along with the support of Lynchwood Spirits, Hoosier Tire, Precise Racing Products, American Racer, Lias Tire, E & K Equipment, Timber Lake Lodge, Les Frickshun, SS Chassis & Supply, Bish Heating & Cooling, Dirt Defender LLC, Blue Ox Timber, Close Racing Supply, Genesis Racing Shocks, Trick Shot Penetrating Lubricant, R & R Enterprise Auto Sales & Garage, Wedge Motorsports, Animal Graphics & Signs, Big Daddy’s Speed Center, Ultra Shield Race Products, Joe Willcox Performance Automatics 

The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitor's Bureau Night - see below - is rescheduled for August 1st.

We have a fantastic night of racing action lined up for you on Saturday, July 11th! 
The Pennsylvania Great Outdoors Visitor's Bureau will not only be presenting special awards for our 6-Division night of racing, but they will also be sponsoring our 2nd Annual PA Great Outdoors 4-CYLINDER POWDER PUFF RACE!!! 
Powder Puff cars must be SCDRA-legal, and drivers MUST be females who do not regularly race at any track. The seats and safety equipment also must be a proper fit for the driver. Special thanks to the PA Great Outdoors Visitor's Bureau for once again sponsoring this event. It will be a 10-lap race with trophies awarded to the Top-3.
Also, Close Racing Supply of Eldred will present our fans with our first ever Economod Race at The Bird! This race is open to any Economods that fall under either Sharon, Eriez, or Raceway 7 Economod rules. Our tech inspectors will ensure that cars comply with any one of these sets of rules. This will be a $500/win race with the payout mirroring the Street Stock payout from 2nd place back. Full payouts are under the "Rules" tab on our website. Like our other 5-divisions, a tow fee will be paid to any car that makes an attempt to race whether they start the feature or not, and we PAY CA$H nightly! A HUGE thank you goes out to Joel Smith and Bob Connor for sponsoring and organizing this first-ever event at The Bird!
This will be a 20-lap feature event and lap sponsors are available for a minimum $10/lap! Please email or find him on FB to make payment arrangements so we can get your name out ASAP. Other contingencies are also welcome!
Our running order will be as follows:
-Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Street Stocks
-Close Racing Supply Economods
-Lockwood Processing 4-Cylinders
-Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi-Lates
-Sunny106 Pure Stocks
-BWP Bat Super Late Models
***The Powder Puff Race will be run prior to the Super Late Feature.
Order of events:
-Gates open at 4:00
-Driver's meeting at 6:25
-Pill Draw Closes at 6:30
-Hot laps for new cars and Economods at or around 6:45 (in listed running order, LM classes combined)
-Prayer and National Anthem at or around 7:00.    
-Heat/Qualifying Races 
-Intermission (10-30mins)
Please visit for more info, and everyone is encouraged to look over our "General Rules" and "FAQ's" where you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Again, Pets, ATV's, UTV's and golf carts are NOT permitted in the grandstands, and glass containers are NOT permitted on Speedway property.

Economod by CRS Lap Sponsors:
1. Penny Kay Photography $20
2. Accelo Raceware $10
3. GM Roofing $50
4. Animal Graphics $20
5. Animal Graphics $20
6. Elite Modified Series $20
7. Bandit Fabrication $20
8. Bandit Fabrication $20
9. In Memory of Trenton Vogt $10
10. Smeal Racing $20
11. Trevor McCann Racing $10
12. Trevor McCann Racing $10
13. Trevor McCann Racing $10
14. JMB Photography $10
15. JMB Photography $10
16. In Memory of Trenton Vogt $10
17. Elite Modified Series $20
18. GM Roofing $50
19. Steven Curry $20
20. Penny Kay Photography $20
*Trenton Vogt Memorial T-Shirt to the 8th Place Finisher.



Obituary and funeral arrangements are here.

Please note that there are some changes at the track. Everyone is asked to practice social distancing, of course. Even pit registration is different. Rather than the normal pit sign-in sheet, each person will have a separate copy of the waiver form(s) to sign. This is in an effort to minimize surface contact at the track. In addition, our insurance company requires an additional waiver relating to COVID-19 to be signed. Again, EVERY PERSON ENTERING THE PIT AREA MUST COMPLETE THESE FORMS. And they must be done every week. We highly recommend if you can possibly do so that you print them yourself and bring the signed copy to the track. Links are below. Also included are forms for minors...

RainedOut has now started charging for a subscription to receive text messages. If you had previously signed up to receive alerts from us, you should have received a message; or go to for more info.


The only spots that will be marked "reserved" in the pits will be the ones that have already paid or made arrangements to pay. As of right now there are 28 out of 40 that have paid or made arrangements to pay June 13th.

We will not hold up a spot under the assumption you wanted it again this year. Any spots not marked will be open, and will be first-come-first-served. The reserved spots in the middle rows will be marked with a cone and a small sign.


Parking spots are still available for the rest of the year. See info to the right or below.

Reserved parking for 2020 is now open and available.

Competitors that had reserved spots last year will have the opportunity to renew their spots for 2020. An image of the parking map is below with an "x" signifying spots that are unavailable unless they are relinquished. Also, 18-27 will not be available unless all other spots are filled. The registration form includes the rules for paid parking and information for mailing and payments. See below for links to the registration forms.  Payments for reserved parking will be due by April 1st. Any spots not paid for by April 1st will be re-listed as available. Please be aware that reserved parking is not intended for personal vehicles.

See the new "FORMS" page - click HERE or find it under the HOME menu - for info/registration form. (There's also a pit diagram.)

Other things on the forms page:

  • Registration Form

  • Minor Waiver/Release Form

… so you can fill these out ahead of time instead of having to do it at the track.

2019 Hummingbird Speedway Point Champions

Paul Kot

Nick Erskine

Bruce Hartzfeld

Justin Watt

Joe Anthony

The official fuel and parts vendor of Hummingbird Speedway...


Thank you to our sponsors...

15649 Route 36
Brookville, PA 15825

And thanks to McPherson Auto Body & Towing for helping out at the track.

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