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Hummingbird Speedway Finally Kicks Off 60th Anniversary Season
For Immediate Release
Saturday, June 1st, 2024
By: Steven Curry - Race Reporter
Reynoldsville- After about a month delay due to multiple rainouts and an off-week, it was finally time to kick off the 2024 season at Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday night. The 2024 season marks the 60th Anniversary for the Speedway, which opened in June of 1964. The PA Thunder on the Dirt Vintage Modifieds and the RUSH Stock Car Series both joined our regular six divisions for the 60th Anniversary Season Opener. In the PA Thunder on the Dirt Vintage Modifieds, the #1 of Wally Stock picked up the win in the Modified Class, while the #53 of Vincenzo Fiorillo took the checkers in the Sportsman Class. For both Stock and Fiorillo, it was their first wins with the PATD at the Bird. The #17X of Kaden Michael was victorious in the inaugural Hovis Auto & Truck Supply RUSH Stock Car Series race at Hummingbird. In our regular six divisions, the feature winners included the #27C of Eddie Connor in the Semi Late Models, the #14 of Jake Foradori in the Scaife's Automotive & Repair LLC. Pure Stocks, the #1B of Dwayne Brooks in the Srock Contracting Super Late Models, the #54 of Shawn Lindemuth in the Economods, the #10 of Corey Bice in the Brooks Services Four-Cylinders, and the #818 of Bob Connor in the Virgile Iron & Steel Pro Stocks. The win for Lindemuth was his first career Economod win, while the win for Bice was the first of his career.
Following qualifying events, the feature racing action commenced with the Semi Late Models taking to the track first. Eddie Connor and B.J. Hudson were on the front row for the 20-lap feature event, with Connor getting the lead on the first lap. Connor was followed by Dan Smeal, who made the pass on Hudson to move into second from his third place starting spot. Gary Little looked to the inside of Hudson for third and completed the pass on lap 2, just before the lone caution flag of the race was displayed. On the restart, it was Connor out front over Smeal as Doug Surra challenged Little for the third position. Surra made the pass on Little and began to take the battle to Smeal for second. On lap 4, Surra completed the pass to the inside of Smeal for second, and then Smeal went wide in turns 3 and 4, allowing Nick Loffredo to get by and move into third. Surra gave it all he had in the remaining 16 laps of the race to try to track down Connor, and although he was able to cut Connor's lead to less than one second with the aid of some lap traffic, it was not enough as Connor held on to take the checkers in the first feature of the 2024 season. Surra, Loffredo, Little, and Hudson rounded out the top 5. Hudson and Connor won the heat races.
The Pure Stocks took to the track next, with 15 cars set to take the green from starter Earl Jackson. Jenna Pfaff and Jake Foradori were on the front row for the 15-lap feature race, with Pfaff getting the lead on the opening lap over Dustin Challingsworth and Foradori. The top 3 ran that way until a lap 6 caution flag. On the restart, with the field all bunched together, it was a fierce battle for the top spot behind Pfaff. 4 or 5 cars all racing close enough that a blanket could have been thrown over them all. It was all hard and clean racing, with Foradori coming out of the battle with the lead at lap 7 with Josh Fields now in second and Challingsworth third. Pfaff was shuffled back to fourth. While under caution a few laps later, Fields had to take his car to the pit area with some sort of mechanical issue, moving Challingsworth and Casey Wolfe into second and third for the restart. Foradori led the way over Challingsworth and Wolfe. Then, with just a couple laps remaining, Cody Cassler was able to make the pass on Wolfe to move into third. A number of caution flags plagued the final couple laps and shuffled the back end of the top 3, but in the end it was Foradori fending off a valiant last lap charge from Challingsworth to capture his third career Hummingbird Speedway checkered flag. Finishing in the top 5 behind Foradori were Challingsworth, Ashley Kilhoffer, Andy Frey, and Josh Bloom. Challingsworth and Kilhoffer won the heat races. Kilhoffer's heat race win was the first of her career.
Next up were the Vintage Modifieds, with cars in two classes that range in age from the 1930's to 1980's running together. Vincenzo Fiorillo and Steve Longo, both Sportsman's Class cars, were on the front row for their feature. Wally Stock would be the first Modified Class car, starting back in sixth. Fiorillo jumped out to the lead and led lap 1 as former Hummingbird track champion, Bob Alcorn, moved into second after passing Longo. Stock already knocking on the door of the top 3 after just one lap. Stock made quick work of both Longo and Alcorn, now setting his sights on Fiorillo for the top spot. It took Stock maybe a lap or so once he caught Fiorillo to make the pass and take the race lead. An impressive drive from 6th to 1st in just a matter of a handful of laps for Stock. Stock would continue to lead the race the rest of the way enroute to picking up the win in the Modified Class. Fiorillo, who finished second overall, took the checkers in the Sportsman Class. They were followed by Cody Schultz, Ryan Maglione, and William Stile, all of which were Modified Class drivers. Stock and Fiorillo won the heat races in their respective classes.
The RUSH Stock Cars were next trackside for their inaugural 15-lap main at the Bird. William Baker Jr. and Kaden Michael were on the front row. Baker Jr. jumped out to the lead on the start and led the opening lap over Michael and Camron Kramer. After three straight caution flags came out with only a couple of more laps completed, the race saw what was ultimately the final restart with Baker Jr. still leading the way over Michael and Kramer. Baker Jr. was challenged for the lead by Michael on the restart. Michael completed the pass on Baker Jr. and took the lead on lap 4 as Kramer began to put the pressure on Baker Jr. for second. Kramer got around Baker Jr. for second on lap 5. The top 3 would run that way throughout the final 10 laps of the race as Michael put his name in the record books as the inaugural RUSH Stock Car race winner at Hummingbird. Kramer, Baker Jr., Cole Strickland, Alex Bush, and Raiddan Wilson rounded out the field. Baker Jr. won the heat race.
Paul Kot and Dwayne Brooks led the Super Late Models to the green flag for their 25-lap feature. Brooks got the advantage on the start and led lap 1 over Kot and Dylan Cecce. Following a lap 3 caution flag, Cecce was able to use the highside on the restart and use the momentum up top to get past Kot and move into the second position behind Brooks. Brooks had already opened up a one second plus lead over the field as the race neared halfway. Cecce tried everything he could to cut into the lead that Brooks had amassed throughout the second half of the race, but it was to no avail as Brooks held on to get the win over Cecce, Kot, Clay Ruffo, and Todd English. The win for Brooks was his 25th career win at the Speedway, putting him one win shy of Eddie Connor for fourth on the all-time win list. Brooks and Kot won the heat races.
The Economods were next on the card, with Dave Shagla and Shawn Lindemuth on the front row for their 20-lap feature race. Shagla and Lindemuth ran side-by-side for most of the opening lap before Lindemuth edged ahead to lead the opening lap over Shagla and Brendan Warner. Lindemuth extended his lead over Shagla, Warner, and the rest of the field as the race closed in on its halfway mark. Lindemuth went unchallenged the rest of the way as he continued to extend his lead enroute to his first career Economod win. Shagla, Warner, Gary Sullivan, and Mark Bell rounded out the top 5. Warner and Lindemuth won the heat races.
The penultimate event of the evening was the 15-lap Four-Cylinder feature event. A stout field of 24 cars, led by Hunter Flook and Andy Thompson were set to do battle. Flook and Andy Thompson were side-by-side off the start, but Corey Bice quickly entered the picture from his third starting spot. He raced alongside Andy Thompson as the field came to complete lap 1. As they did so, it was Bice slightly ahead of Andy Thompson for the top spot. Following a lap 1 caution flag, both Shawn Hadden and Flook were able to work their way past Andy Thompson to move into second and third respectively. A few laps later, on lap 5, Devin Haley looked to the inside of Flook and was able to make the pass for third behind Bice and Hadden. At halfway on lap 8, it was still Bice leading the way over Hadden and now Camden Frantz in third. Throughout the second half of the race, Bice's teammate Haley mounted a late-race charge passing Frantz for third and Hadden for second. Haley's charge would come up one spot short as Bice had checked out on the field on his way to notching career win #1. Finishing in the top 5 behind Bice were Haley, Andy Thompson, Camden Frantz, and Hadden. Zack Frantz, Haley, Hadden, and Bice won the heat races.
The Pro Stocks concluded the 60th Anniversary Season Opener with their 20-lap feature. Jim Bloom and Bob Connor led the field to the green flag. Connor edged out to the lead on the start and led the opening lap over Bloom and Gary Miller Jr.. The top 3 remained unchanged for most of the first half of the race until a caution for Miller Jr. spinning out of 3rd place in turn 1 on lap 8. The caution moved Cregen Brady into third for the restart. A couple of laps were completed on the restart with Miller Jr. already rebounding up to the fourth position. After another restart, Miller Jr. looked to the inside of Brady in turns 1 and 2 and made the pass to retake third on lap 11. Bloom gave it all he had in the closing laps through two additional restarts, but it was not enough as Connor held on to take the checkered flag in his first race back after taking last year off. The win was also special as it was also the first win with the #818 car number back on the door that he had won so many races with throughout the early part of his career. Bloom, Miller Jr., Brady, and Devin Dickey rounded out the top 5. Connor won the lone heat race.
Speedway Notes: 111 cars packed the pit area for the 60th Anniversary Season Opener. That breaks down to: 10 Semi Late Models, 18 Pure Stocks, 13 PA Thunder on the Dirt Vintage Modifieds, 6 RUSH Stock Cars, 12 Super Late Models, 11 Economods, 32 Four-Cylinders, and 9 Pro Stocks. We will be back in action this coming Saturday, June 8th, with a five-division program, headlined by two big specials. The newly-formed "Economod Mania Tour" will kick off its 2024 schedule at the Bird with a $1,000/win special. A special thank you to Alex Sullivan for getting the tour formed for all of the Economod drivers in the region. In addition, the SCDRA Northeast Four-Cylinders will try for a second time to get their $2,500/win, $150/start special in the books after it was rained out on May 25th. Joining the Economods and Four-Cylinders on the card will be the Super Late Models, Semi Late Models, and Pure Stocks. The Pro Stocks will have the evening off for various specials throughout the area. More information regarding this weekend's racing action will be posted to the track's facebook page and website, so keep it tuned there for the latest. Gates open at 4:00 with racing beginning at 7:00. The Sub Hub Kids Club gets underway every Saturday night at 6pm by the pit gate entrance. It is a great place to take your kids to do some fun kids club activities as well as meet some drivers prior to racing getting started. For more information, call the track office at (814) 653-8400 or visit the tracks’ website at You can also follow the track on Facebook.
Semi Late Models
1st) #27C Eddie Connor
2nd) #3xAA Doug Surra
3rd) #9N Nick Loffredo
4th) #69 Gary Little
5th) #23 B.J. Hudson
6th) #44 Dan Smeal
7th) #60 Jeremy Lippert
8th) #113 Ben Ecelberger
9th) #68 Ron Laubscher
10th) #47 Adam Nixon
Scaife's Automotive & Repair LLC. Pure Stocks
1st) #14 Jake Foradori
2nd) #46 Dustin Challingsworth
3rd) #50 Ashley Kilhoffer
4th) #55X Andy Frey
5th) #37B Josh Bloom
6th) #14C Cody Cassler
7th) #211 Casey Wolfe
8th) #97W Cody Wolfe
9th) #150 Kurt Corah
10th) #4N Kim Nelson
11th) #56K Renae Meyer
12th) #54S Mitch Stiles
13th) #88 Josh Fields
14th) #33 Jenna Pfaff
15th) #54 Wayne Truitt
16th) #01D Dominic Marchiori
17th) #14M Paul Metz Jr.
18th) #T1 Les Myers
PA Thunder on the Dirt Vintage Modifieds
Modified Class:
1st) #1 Wally Stock
2nd) #7 Cody Schultz
3rd) #19 Ryan Maglione
4th) #8+8 William Stile
5th) #311 Tim Beatty
6th) #31 Thomas Warburton
7th) #31 Jim Kurpakas
8th) #14 Mark Hahn
Sportsman Class:
1st) #53 Vincenzo Fiorillo
2nd) #20 Steve Longo
3rd) #66 Bryan Rhinesmith
4th) #22 Bob Alcorn
5th) #17C Rich Cavallo
RUSH Stock Cars
1st) #17X Kaden Michael
2nd) #854 Camron Kramer
3rd) #620 William Baker
4th) #22C Cole Strickland
5th) #67 Alex Bush
6th) #77 Raiddan Wilson
Srock Contracting Super Late Models
1st) #1B Dwayne Brooks
2nd) #18* Dylan Cecce
3rd) #36 Paul Kot
4th) #14 Clay Ruffo
5th) #7-11 Todd English
6th) #13X Kenny Schaffer
7th) #24 Tyler Wyant
8th) #57 Bo Lockwood
9th) #96 John Brady
10th) #32 Billy Dickson
11th) #66N Orvis Newcome lll
12th) #75 Dennis Curry
1st) #54 Shawn Lindemuth
2nd) #6 Dave Shagla
3rd) #12* Brendan Warner
4th) #47S Gary Sullivan
5th) #X1 Mark Bell
6th) #0 Dennis Asel
7th) #50 Bob McMillen
8th) #71 Nate Fleck
9th) #83E Ed Vogel
10th) #57S Royce Stanley Jr.
11th) #8B Brian Toto
Brooks Services Four-Cylinders
1st) #10 Corey Bice
2nd) #02 Devin Haley
3rd) #5 Andy Thompson
4th) #158 Camden Frantz
5th) #3H Shawn Hadden
6th) #96B Hunter Flook
7th) #13S Chaz Smith
8th) #14 Luke Hoffner
9th) #36F Zack Frantz
10th) #45 Andrew Thompson
11th) #03C Coty Maines
12th) #850A Bryun Hackenberg
13th) #18X Nick Bem
14th) #21B Nevaeh Helsel
15th) #79 Devon Trayer
16th) #44B Bruce Long
17th) #64E Isaac Exley
18th) #58R Ryan Lippert
19th) #11 Jim Boyer
20th) #35K Heidi Miller
21st) #53 Jason Dotts
22nd) #73 Greg Kiehl
23rd) #15S Greg Snell
24th) #1 Ben Lehane
DNQ: Allen Robison, Austin Beamer. Josh Lindenmuth, Adam Pluebell, Sam Fye, Andrew Murray, Trevn Schaffer, and Anthony Sones
Virgile Iron & Steel Pro Stocks
1st) #818 Bob Connor
2nd) #37A Jim Bloom
3rd) #1M Gary Miller Jr.
4th) #2 Cregen Brady
5th) #18 Devin Dickey
6th) #152 Kyle Corah
7th) #10R Raven Fuller,
8th) #28 Fuzzy Fields
9th) #32 Louis Belisle

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