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For Immediate Release
Written by: Dave Resinger

Fans were treated not only to a "meet and greet" with drivers and race teams during intermission, but also some great racing on Saturday night. It was a full night with the extended intermission, all regular classes completing a regular program, and three additional "make-up" features from the rained out event the previous week.
Feature winners included Dwayne Brooks and Doug Eck in the Srock Contracting Super Late Models, Nick Erskine in the Dan Joiner Heating & Air Conditioning Semi-Lates, Fuzzy Fields in the Cypress Clocks and Gift Shop Pro Stocks, Jacob Eucker in the Andy Man's Car Care Economods, Dustin Challingsworth (who went two for two winning both Brian Savino Motorsports Pure Stock features), Greg Kiehl in the Brooks Services 4-Cylinders, and Brooke Grove in the Aquaholics Powder Puffs Series.
After preliminary heat races and the intermission where cars were parked on the front stretch of the track and fans were permitted to mingle, it was time for the feature events.
First on the track were the Andy Man's Car Care Economods. Orin Taylor and Jacob Eucker made up the front row. Eucker jumped out to the early lead, with Garrett Calvert getting past Taylor for second. Bob McMillen took over third a lap later and the top five ran that way for a number of laps. Eucker and Calvert distanced themselves from the rest of the field and Eucker was able to hold off Calvert for the win in only his second trip to "The Bird". Calvert and Eucker won the heat races.
The Cypress Clocks and Gift Shop Pro Stocks were next to take to the track. Nathan Yeaney and Fuzzy Fields were on the front row coming to flagman Earl Jackson's green flag. Fields was the class of the field and led flag to flag despite challenges by Bruce Hartzfeld and Jim Bloom. When the checkered flag flew it was Fields, Hartzfeld, Jim Challingsworth, Yeaney, and Brandon Dolland as Bloom suffered a mechanical issue on the last lap and fell to sixth. Heat race wins went to Hartzfeld and Fields.
Then it was time for the Srock Contracting Super Late Model feature. Bo Lockwood and Doug Eck were on the front row, with Dwayne Brooks and Paul Kot behind them. Following a couple of early cautions, Brooks went to the high side and powered past Lockwood and Eck. At the halfway point Lockwood got a bit high coming out of turn two and hit the backstretch guardrail, forcing him to pit. From that point forward it was Brooks, Eck, and Kot. The battle was for fourth between Garrett Mott, Bill Davis, and Chad Homan. In the end it was Brooks taking the win followed by Eck, Kot, Mott, and Homan. Eck and Lockwood copped the heats.
Dan Joiner Heating and Air Conditioning Semi Lates came to the track next for their feature. The front row consisted of the #3xAA of Doug Surra and the #5X of Nick Erskine. Erskine took the lead at the drop of the green flag and never looked back. Surra ran second early, but Nick Loffredo was able to work his way past Surra for second on lap eleven. Surra challenged back for the spot, and the two swapped positions several times. Erskine endured several late race cautions and pulled out the win, followed by Loffredo, Surra, Dan Smeal, and Kyle Shannon (who worked his way back into the top five after an early spin). Heat race winners were Surra and Erskine.
The Brian Savino Pure Stocks were up next. Wayne Truitt and Andrew Frey brought the field to the line to start. Early cautions plagued the event. When they were finally able to run some green flag laps, Frey held the lead, followed by Mike Anderson and Dustin Challingsworth. At the halfway point you could throw a blanket over the top three, and Jenna Pfaff also joined that battle for some great racing. After several late cautions, Challingsworth was able to take the lead and he went on to win, followed by Frey and Pfaff. Anderson, Josh Fields, and Challingsworth were heat race winners.
A full field of Brooks Services Four Cylinders concluded the regular program. Devon Trayer and Isaac Irvin led the field to the green flag. Irvin held the top spot on the first lap, but Greg Kiehl worked his way into the lead from his third starting spot on lap two. Josh Frantz and Irvin chased him but could not gain any advantage on Kiehl. Frantz made contact with a lapped car on lap ten and was relegated to the tail of the field. Kiehl was able to hang on through a number of cautions, and Frantz worked his way back to fifth by the end of the race. When the checkers flew it was Kiehl, Irvin, Camden Frantz, Trayer, and Josh Frantz. Heat race wins went to Irvin, Trayer, Kiehl, and Josh Frantz.
The regular program may have been completed, but the night was not over. There were still make up features and a Powder Puff race to run. The Economods took to the track with a six-car field. Bob McMillen and Garrett Calvert began on the front row and for much of the race the running order was Calvert, McMillen, Nate Fleck, and Orin Taylor. Calvert took the win and Fleck got by McMillen for second on the last lap.
Super Late Models ran their make-up feature with Dwayne Brooks and Rich Runyan Jr. starting up front. It looked to be a repeat of the first feature with Brooks leading Doug Eck and Paul Kot early. Brooks started to pull away, but by lap ten Eck was reeling the leader in. They had a great battle, with Eck running low and Brooks high. Eck prevailed and then Paul Kot got by Brooks for second. In the end it was Eck, Kot, Brooks, Clay Ruffo, and Bill Davis.
The final make-up feature was the Pure Stock class. The race restarted at lap three with Dustin Challingsworth out front, followed by Andrew Frey and Dominic Marchiori. They ran that way for a while, and Jenna Pfaff took third and was in the battle up front until she spun with two laps to go. In the end, Challingsworth capped off his perfect night with the win and behind him was Frey, Marchiori, Devin Dickey, and Ashley Kilhoffer.
Just like an infomercial that says "But wait, there's more!" the crowd still had one more event to watch. The Aquaholic Powder Puff series ran their feature began with Erika Anthony leading the first lap and then Kim Nelson got by to lead lap two. A number of cautions slowed the event, and it was Brooke Grove, Nelson, Tessa Spearing, and Anthony up front at the halfway point. Nelson had some problems late and at the end it was Grove, Spearing, Melissa Rock, Nelson, and Anthony.
The pits were filled by 87 cars. Kids (both young and old) enjoyed Fan Appreciation Night; but drivers may like this event even more, seeing their young fans and giving away candy and many other items. It once again proved (as always) to be always a very popular night. Next Saturday sees the first visit to Hummingbird speedway by the ULMS series for a special late model event on Grady's Decision Night. Visit the track's website ( for more info.
Regular Feature


1. #1B Dwayne Brooks
2. #20 Doug Eck
3. #36 Paul Kot
4. #43x Garrett Mott
5. #91 Chad Homan
6. #33 Bill Davis
7. #18X Bob McMillen
8. #18 Rich Runyan Jr.
9. #14 Clay Ruffo
10. #77 Nate Brady
11. #57 Bo Lockwood
12. #48 Kyle Nicholas
DNS: #66N Orvis Newcome III
Make-Up Feature
1. #20 Doug Eck
2. #36 Paul Kot
3. #1B Dwayne Brooks
4. #14 Clay Ruffo
5. #33 Bill Davis
6. #18 Rich Runyan Jr.
7. #77 Nate Brady
DNS: #66N Orvis Newcome III
DNS: #14R Derek Rodkey
DNS: #1S Gale Huey
DNS: #96 John Brady
DNS: #08 Bob Armagost
1. #5X Nick Erskine
2. #9N Nick Loffredo
3. #3xAA Doug Surra
4. #44 Dan Smeal
5. #11 Kyle Shannon
6. #7s Steve Scaife Jr.
7. #47 Adam Nixon
8. #8 Matt Howell
9. #2 Cregen Brady
10. #9J Joseph Loffredo
1. #28 Fuzzy Fields
2. #101 Bruce Hartzfeld
3. #44 Jim Challingsworth
4. #11Y Nathan Yeaney
5. #8C Brandon Doland
6. #37A Jim Bloom
7. #34 Tim Steis
8. #27 Amber Brady
9. #47 Shawnee Sturgeon
DNS: #152 Kyle Corah
DNS: #43 Pernell Beimel
Regular Feature
1. #64 Jacob Eucker
2. #12C Garrett Calvert
3. #50 Bob McMillen
4. #8B Brian Toto
5. #21T Orin Taylor
6. #71 Nate Fleck
7. #47S Gary Sullivan
8. #54 Shawn Lindemuth 
9. #83E Ed Vogel
Make-Up Feature
1. #12C Garrett Calvert
2. #71 Nate Fleck
3. #50 Bob McMillen
4. #21T Orin Taylor
5. #83E Ed Vogel
6. #29L Johnny Lindenpitz
DNS: #569 Blake Joiner
Regular Feature
1. #46 Dustin Challingsworth
2. #55X Andrew Frey
3. #33 Jenna Pfaff
4. #6/2P Casey Wolfe
5. #50 Ashley Kilhoffer
6. #37B Josh Bloom
7. #14C Cody Cassler
8. #01D Dominic Marchiori
9. #76 Mike Anderson
10. #56K Renae Meyer
11. #18 Devin Dickey
12. #54 Wayne Truitt
13. #83 Dalton Gustafson
14. #96R Tyler Rougeux
15. #88 Josh Fields
16. #14 Jake Foradori
17. #54S Mitch Stiles
18. #77G Eddie Gardner
DNS: #121 Jake Valasek
Make-Up Feature
1. #46 Dustin Challingsworth 
2. #55X Andrew Frey
3. #01D Dominic Marchiori
4. #18 Devin Dickey
5. #50 Ashley Kilhoffer
6. #56K Renae Meyer
7. #54 Wayne Truitt
8. #14C Cody Cassler
9. #33 Jenna Pfaff
10. #37B Caleb Bloom
11. #6/2P Casey Wolfe
12. #88 Josh Fields
13. #83 Dalton Gustafson
14. #54S Mitch Stiles
DNS: #77G Eddie Gardner
DNS: #8x Stephen Studer
1. #17X Greg Kiehl
2. #14I Issac Irvin
3. #158 Camden Frantz
4. #79 Devon Trayer
5. #114 Josh Frantz
6. #56 Justin Finland
7. #03C Coty Maines
8. #44B Bruce Long
9. #6 Adam Pluebell
10. #17S Ricky Nelson
11. #919 Zack Hetrick
12. #29L Josh Lindenmuth
13. #3H Shawn Hadden
14. #65 Louis Young
15. #98E Ernie Irvin
16. #916 Sam Regitz
17. #8F Sam Fye
18. #21B Nevaeh Helsel
19. #1 Ben Lehane
20. #65Y Michael Young
21. #20A Jeese Armstrong
22. #4T1 Allen Robison
23. #11 Jim Boyer
DNS: #35K Heidi Miller
1. #114 Brooke Grove (Lowe)
2. #23 Tessa Spearing
3. #4T1 Melissa Rock
4. #56 Kim Nelson
5. #17S Erika Anthony
6. #21J Tracy Smith
7. #79 Madison Perry
8. #65Y Gracie Pluebell

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