Doug Eck wins at Hummingbird Speedway on Fan Appreciation Night
By:  Pam Baker
Reynoldsville, PA   Mother Nature tried to discourage the racing program on Saturday night at Hummingbird Speedway but only temporarily as the rain stopped and the racing on the track was great for Fan Appreciation Night.  But before the cars all came out on the track for autographs and pictures of their favorite drivers a special event took place for track owner, Louie Caltagarone.
Louie will be turning 93 years young on Monday, July 26th and for his birthday a couple of friends decided to do something very special for him.  BRP Modified Tour driver, Rick Regalski brought his two-seater Modified to the track to take Louie for a ride around his own speedway.  Louie had never been around the track in a race car and this was a first for him.  He jumped in the car like a teenager and around the track they went.  His smile was infectious and it was definitely a huge surprise for him.  The car was numbered 93 and on the sail panels it was printed, Happy Birthday Louie.  This was a very special occasion for Louie and one that he will never forget.
Picking up feature wins after all the excitement at intermission were Adam Presnar on the Young Gun Jr. Sprint Stock division and Garrett Davenport in the Young Gun Jr. Sprint Open class.  Other feature winners included Mike Anderson in the Close Racing Supply Economods; Nick Erskine in the Swanson Heavy Duty Truck Repair Semi Lates; Andrew Gordon in the Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Pro Stocks; Doug Eck in the Carns Equipment Late Models; Bryce Swauger in the Sunny 106.5 Pure Stocks and Blake Joiner in the Andy Man’s Car Care 4-Cylinders.
First on the track at feature time were the Young Gun Jr. Sprints Open Class and Kalen Jackson and Carter Himes brought the cars to the drop of the green flag.  Jackson jumped out to the early lead, but on lap three Garrett Davenport use the bottom of the speedway in turn one to take the lead away from Jackson and went the rest of the distance to pick up the feature win.  Finishing second was Carter Himes followed by Kalen Jackson.  The heat was won by Davenport.
Twelve cars made up the starting lineup for the Young Gun Junior Sprints Stock class and bringing the field to the green was Adam Presnar and Keaton Himes. Presnar led the first two laps before the caution waved for Maddie Rafferty who slowed on the back straightaway.  On the restart the drivers went three wide into turn one and coming out on top on lap three was Presnar over Grady Rinehart and Mason McAndrew. Presnar continued his dominance and led all 10 laps to pick up the feature win. Finishing second was Grady Rinehart with Mason McAndrew, Keaton Himes and Jazlyn Boyles fifth.  Heats were won by Rinehart and McAndrew.
Gary Miller, Jr. and Bob McMillen led the pack of Economods to the green for the start of the Close Racing Supply Economod feature. McMillen of St. Mary’s, PA led the first two laps before Miller, Jr. looped his car in turn two to bring out the caution. On the restart, McMillen once again got the jump for the lead bringing Nate Fleck along with him.  A caution again on lap four for Mark Bell grouped the cars together for the final four laps. Mike Anderson started to get into the mix and went to work on Miller, Jr. who had taken the lead away from McMillen on lap six.  Miller, Jr. looked to have the victory in the bag, but on the last lap coming out of turn four, Anderson was able to get his car to stick in the corner and at the line it was Anderson finishing just ahead of Miller, Jr.  Finishing third behind the duo of Anderson and Miller, Jr. was Nate Fleck, Brad Curran, Jr., Bob McMillen and Mark Bell.  Anderson also captured the heat race victory.  Despite Gary Miller, Jr. having the current point lead, McMillen is sitting in second just eighteen points behind. 
In Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi Late Model action Nick Loffredo and Rich Runyan, Jr. brought the twelve car field to the start but a couple quick cautions kept a lap from getting into the record books.  When the initial start was able to be completed it was Loffredo who was able to get to the first turn ahead of the other cars, but Nick Erskine had a great run going down the backstretch and was able to become the leader on the opening lap.  Erskine was able to keep his cool through a couple of caution periods for debris and held the lead throughout the 20 laps to pick up the win.  Eddie Conner followed Erskine the entire race in second but couldn’t put together a good enough run to make the pass for the lead.  The real battle was for third between Doug Surra, Loffredo and Rich Runyan, Jr.  At the finish collecting third behind Erskine and Conner was Surra followed by Loffredo in fourth and Runyan, Jr. in fifth.  Heats were won by Conner and Surra with Surra just 21 points ahead of Connor for the point standings.
Jim Bloom and Zach Gustafson headed the field of Cypress Clocks & Gift Shop Pro Stocks to starter Bob Connor’s green flag.  Bloom from Curwensville, PA led the opening lap  before a caution flew for Rich Waltman, Jr.  On the restart Dylan Cecce was able to get the lead but a caution for Brandon Connor stopped the action once again.  Cecce was out front when the third caution of the race came out for Gustafson.  On the restart Cecce once again took the lead, but Andrew Gordon who was testing the track out for the PennOhio Pro Stock series race to be held on August 7th applied pressure to Cecce and took the lead away on lap four and went the final seventeen laps to get the feature win.  Finishing second was Dylan Cecce followed by Bradon Connor, Jim Bloom and Jamie Colwell.  During the heat races Andrew Gordon broke the track record by a time of 79.829 that was held by Brandon Connor from May 15th of 79.051.  Gordon won the first heat with Gustafson picking up the second heat race win.  Connor sits atop the point standings with 537 points and Jamie Colwell is second with 494 points.
The Carns Equipment Super Late Models were up next for their feature and on the pole for the 25-lap event were Jerry Redden and Kenny Schaffer.  Schaffer led the opening lap with fourth place starter Paul Kot making his way into second. On lap six Paul Kot got his car crossed up going into the third turn and spun collecting Doug Eck.  Kot went to the tail of the field with Eck getting his position back.  On the restart Schaffer once again had command of the field and led through lap 15 surviving many caution periods.  On the restart to start lap 16, Eck used the opportunity to get the jump at the start and was able to beat Schaffer to the first turn to take the lead and never looked back to pick up the feature win.  Paul Kot came back from his spin to finish second ahead of Kenny Schaffer, Scott Alvertro and Joseph Campbell.  Heats were won by Scott Alvetro and Rich Wicker. Kenny Schaffer sits at the top of the point standings ahead of Eck and Mott.
By the luck of the draw Casey Wolfe of Penfield, Pa and Justin Watt of Brockway, PA captured the front row for the Sunny 106.5 Pure Stock feature.  Tim Steis who started fourth got the lead on the first lap and looked to have the race in the bag, but a couple of cautions for Dustin Challingsworth, Cory Wolfe and Justin Watt slowed the pace of the race.  A red flag was displayed on lap five of the feature after an incident on the track.  A driver was transferred by EMS to the local hospital for evaluation and was later released.  Due to the lateness of the night the feature was cut three laps short and with two laps to go once racing resume Bryce Swauger of Reynoldsville took the lead away from Steis and picked up the feature win. Steis finished second with Andrew Frey third.  Fourth went to Dustin Challingsworth with Cory Wolfe fifth.  Heats were won by Swauger, Steis and Challingsworth.  Andrew Frey sits on top of the points list with 646 points and Challingsworth is a close second with 613 points.
The final race of the night found the Andy Man’s Car Care 4-cylinders taking to the track and Adam Bales and Blake Joiner led the field for the start.  Bales got to the first corner before Joiner and there was only one caution period for Bales who entered turn three high and spun with three laps to go.  With Bales at the rear of the field this gave Joiner the opportunity he needed to inherit the lead and go on to pick up the win.  Finishing second was Shawn Hadden with Joe Anthony third.  Fourth place went to Kevin Killinger with Travis Timko rounding out the top five.  Heats were won by Joiner and Hadden.  Shawn Hadden has a 27 point lead over Joiner in the 2021 points battle for the 4-Cylinders.
Coming up Saturday, July 31st will be Grady’s Decision Night.  Grady’s Decision is a non-profit organization the helps families that have kids that are born premature.  They will be holding a huge Chinese Auction and will also be awarding on lucky person at the track with a brand new Can-Am 4-wheeler. The winner will be announced on Saturday night.  The racing card will feature increased purses for the Super Late Models and the Pure Stocks.  Also on the program will be the Semi Lates, Penn-Ohio Pro Stocks, Economods, Pure Stocks, and the 4-Cylinders.  Gates open at 4pm with racing taking place at 7pm.
95 Cars were in the Pit Area:
Junior Sprints -  15 cars
Economods  -   6
Semi Lates – 12
Pro Stocks – 13
Late Models – 14
Pure Stocks – 20
4- Cylinders - 15
Feature Finishes:
Young Gun Jr. Sprints (Stock) – Adam Presnar, Grady Rinehart, Mason McAndrew, Keaton Himes, Jazlyn Boyles, Cameron Miller, David Coley, Colton Guiher, Logan Jackson, Randy White, Rya Hollingsworth, Maddie Rafferty. 
Young Gun Jr. Sprints (Open) – Garrett Davenport, Carter Himes, Kalen Jackson
Close Racing Supply Economods -  Mike Anderson, Gary Miller, Jr., Nate Fleck, Brad Curran, Jr., Bob McMillen, Mark Bell
Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi Lates – Nick Erskine, Eddie Conner, Doug Surra, Nick Loffredo, Rich Runyan, Jr., Joe Loffredo, Kyle Shannon, Cheyenne Reed, Jr., Tawn Dinger, Austin Wilson, Kyle Corah, Bill Phillips, Jr.
Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Pro Stocks – Andrew Gordon, Dylan Cecce, Brandon Connor, Jim Bloom, Jamie Colwell, Jim Challingsworth, Duke Davidson, Brian Fabiano, Rich Waltman, Jr., Pernell Beimel, Zach Gustafson, Bruce, Hartzfeld, DNS:  Fuzzy Fields
Carns Equipment Late Models – Doug Eck, Paul Kot, Ken Schaffer, Scott Alvertro, Joseph Campbell, Rich Wicker, Joey Malobicky, Jr., Clay Ruffo, Jerry Redden, Garrett Mott, Chris Farrell, Cody Lucas, Orvis Newcome, III, DNS:  Nathan Brady
Sunny 106.5 Pure Stocks – Bryce Swauger, Tim Steis, Andrew Frey, Dustin Challingsworth, Cory Wolfe, Bloom Family, Bob Holt, Cody Wolfe, Ashley Kilhoffer, Jenna Pfaff, Ben Eckelberger, Dennis Harrison, Jr., Justin Watt, Steve Brugmann, Raven Fuller, Casey Wolfe, Cody Cassler, Wayne Garvey, Shawnee Sturgeon, Jake Valasek
Andy Man’s Car Care 4-Cylinders – Blake Joiner, Shawn Hadden, Joe Anthony, Kevin Killinger, Travis Timko, Cory Price, Adam Bales, Devin Kaufman, Carl Killinger, Martin Neeper, Joe Beningo, Louis Young, Jim Boyer, Heidi Miller, Christina Killinger