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Andrew Gordon Captures the Win in the Ina Caltagarone Memorial Shootout Race at Hummingbird Speedway
By:  Pam Baker


Reynoldsville, PA…….8/7/2022……On a hot, humid Saturday night the fans and drivers honored the memory of track owner Louie Caltagarone’s late wife Ina.  The drivers lined the track in her memory and did a parade lap before parking their cars on the front stretch.  After the National Anthem was played, they released white doves in her memory.  Capturing the feature win in the Ina Caltagarone Memorial Shootout for the Cypress Clock and Gift Shop Pro Stocks was Andrew Gordon.  Other feature winners included Paul Kot in the Carns Powersports/Mountain Extreme Super Lates; Orin Tayler in the Andy Man’s Car Care Economods; Nick Erskine in the Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi-Lates; Shawn Hadden in the Sunny 106 4-Cylinders and Josh Fields in the PA Great Outdoors Vistor's Bureau Pure Stocks.
            Paul Kot started on the pole for the Carns Powersports/Mountain Extreme Super Late Model feature beside Kenny Schaffer of DuBois.  Kot got the jump at the drop of the green flag and led the field into the first turn.  By lap six of the feature Kot had a 4 second lead on second place Joe Loffredo.  By lap eleven Kot started encountering lapped traffic and by lap fifteen was in very heavy traffic.  The first of two yellow flags flew on lap eighteen when Duane Brooks stopped on the speedway.  The second caution the next lap for Darrin Waldron who spun in turn two and collected several other cars.  Once back under green Kot once again resumed the lead but Kenny Schaffer applied the pressure for the final five laps but was not able to make the pass for the lead.  Kot went on to pick up his sixth feature win of the season and extended the point lead by 133 points over Dylan Fenton.  Schaffer finished a close second with Wyatt Scott third.  Fourth went to Joe Loffredo with Derek Rodkey fifth.  Heats were won by Kenny Schaffer and Paul Kot.
            Next to hit the track was the Andy Man’s Car Care Econo Mods with Doug Surra doing double duty as he was filling in for Mike Anderson and Orin Taylor to his outside.  Taylor took the lead going down the backstretch before a lap could be completed.  The 15-lap event went caution free and Taylor led green to checkered to pick up his second win of the season.  Bob McMillen tried his best to make the pass for the lead but came up short to finish second.  Third place went to Dennis Asel with Doug Surra fourth and Jamon Davis fifth.  The heat was won by Doug Surra.
            It was Andrew Gordon’s night at Hummingbird as he set the fastest time for the Cypress Clock & Gift Shop Pro Stocks with a time of 78.533.  He then went out and won the heat race and he also led every lap of the 25-lap Ina’s Memorial Shootout to capture the $1,500 top prize money.  Gordon started on the pole beside Jim Bloom, but it was Tyler Dietz that stalked the leader for twenty-four laps.  At times, Dietz was side-by-side with Gordon but never had what it took to make the pass for the lead.  Gordon picked up his 2nd win of the year with Dietz second.  Third place went to Bob Connor with Josh Seippel and Fuzzy Fields rounding out the top five.  Heats were won by Gordon and Bloom.  The points battle is close as Bloom is only 13 points ahead of Bob Connor. 
            Nick Loffredo and Nick Erskine brought the field of Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi-Lates to the drop of Earl Jackson’s green flag with Loffredo jumping out into the lead.  Loffredo led the first eight laps before he got high in turn four opening the door for Erskine to take the lead.  Erskine led the rest of the distance to capture his third win of the season.  Doug Surra finished second behind Erskine followed by Nick Loffredo who fell back to third.  Deegen Watt and Dan Smeal rounded out the top five.  The heat was won by Nick Loffredo.  Doug Surra sits atop the point battle by 80 points over Dennis Curry.
            The Sunny 106 4-Cylinders hit the track for their 20-lap feature and Shawn Hadden led from wire-to-wire to pick up his fourth feature win of the season.  Hadden started on the pole position and never looked back to collect the $500 top prize money.  Finishing second was Travis Timko followed by Dave Smail, Chris Horton and Jake Pennington who came from the fifteenth starting position to finish fifth.  Heats were won by Hadden, Allen Robison and Travis Timko.  Hadden has a comfortable point lead with 132 points ahead of Dave Smail.
            The final race of the night featured the PA Great Outdoors Visitor’s Bureau Pure Stocks and bringing the field to the green was David Lowe and Dustin Challingsworth.  Lowe led the first two laps before Jenna Pfaff used the bottom of the track to make the pass on Lowe.  Pfaff took over on lap three and led through lap seven before Josh Fields was able to pass Pfaff on the bottomside of the track to gain the lead.  Fields then went on to lead the final eight laps to get the feature win.  Jenna Pfaff finished second with Cody Cassler third.  Dustin Challingsworth finished fourth with Barry Burritt rounded out the top five.  Heats were won by Fields and Pfaff.
            Coming up Saturday, August 13th at Hummingbird Speedway will be a regular show along with the PATD Vintage Modifieds on hand.  There will also be Kids Bike Races and all Kids must wear a helmet to participate in this event.  Gates open at 4pm with races starting at 7pm.

Super Late Finish:  Paul Kot, Kenny Schaffer, Wyatt Scott, Joe Loffredo, Derek Rodkey, Dylan Fenton, Scott Alvetro, Darrin Waldron, Dwayne Brooks, Orvis Newcome, III, Rich Runyan, Jr.
EconoMod Finish:  Orin Taylor, Bob McMillen, Dennis Asel, Doug Surra, Jamon Davis, DNS:  Brad Curran, Jr.
Pro Stock Finish:  Andrew Gordon, Jim Bloom, Tyler Dietz, Bob Connor, Fuzzy Fields, Brandon Connor, Matt Sampson, Todd English, Josh Seippel, Allen Lamb, Tim Steis, Chet Sheets, Brayden Seippel, Brian Fabiano, DNS:  Pernell Beimel
Semi-Late Finish:  Nick Erskine, Doug Surra, Nick Loffredo, Deegen Watt, Dan Smeal, Kyle Shannon, Dennis Curry, Tye Juart
4-Cylinder Finish:  Shawn Hadden, Travis Timko, Dave Smail, Chris Horton, Jake Pennington, Vigil Meyer, James Ogden, Ernie Irvin, Eric Luzier, Troy Bennett, Coty Maines, Luke Hoffner, Matt Brown, Mitch Stiles, Heidi Miller, Martin Neeper, John Brown, Issac Irvin, Allen Robinson, Devon Trayer
Pure Stock Finish:  Josh Fields, Jenna Pfaff, Cody Cassler, Dustin Challingsworth, Barry Burritt, Wayne Truitt, Andrew Frey, Cory Wolfe, Ashley Kilhoffer, Bloom Family, David Lowe
Car Counts:
Super Late Models – 12
Econo Mods – 6
Pro Stocks – 15
Semi-Lates – 8
4-Cylinders – 20
Pure Stocks – 12
Total  -  73

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