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Fields, Lunger Jr., Lee, Erskine, and Hadden Win Big On Night One Of The Inaugural "Dirty Bird Bash" At Hummingbird
For Immediate Release
Friday, September 9th, 2022
By: Steven Curry - Race Reporter
Reynoldsville- Hummingbird Speedway kicked off the Inaugural Dirty Bird Bash Friday night with a five division program including Pure Stocks, E-Mods, Super Late Models, Semi Late Models, and Four-Cylinders. There were increased purses in all five divisions. In the PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau Pure Stocks, 13 cars took the green with a shot at the $500 prize. The #88 of Josh Fields led from the green flag to the checkered in their 20-lap special on his way to taking his division-leading ninth trip to Carns Powersports Victory Lane this season. The win was Fields' 30th career Pure Stock win at Hummingbird, leading all drivers. The rules were opened up to allow UMP Modifieds and Pro Mods to join our Andy Man's Car Care Economods for a 20-lap, $700/win special. Like Josh Fields did in the Pure Stock feature, the #71L of Dennis Lunger Jr. led all 20 laps on his way to his first ever victory at the Bird. The Carns Powersports/Mountain Extreme Super Late Models did battle in a 25-lap, $1,500/win special with the winner getting a guaranteed spot in Saturday's Spider Barnett Memorial. The #5L of Jon Lee was able to take the lead on lap 15 and he never looked back as he collected the $1,500 payday and guaranteed himself a spot in the Spider Barnett Memorial on Saturday night's portion of the "Dirty Bird Bash". The win was Lee's seventh career Super Late victory at the speedway and his third of the season. In the Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi Late Models, 9 cars took the green flag in the 20-lap feature with a shot at the $1,000/win prize. The #44 of Dan Smeal led the first 16 laps of the race before he was passed by the #5X of Nick Erskine on lap 17. Erskine would go on to capture the checkered flag, his 5th of the 2022 season at the track. The win was Erskine's 25th career Semi Late win at Hummingbird, which leads all drivers. The Sunny 106 Four-Cylinders concluded night one of the "Dirty Bird Bash" with their 20-lap, $500/win feature event. The #3H of Shawn Hadden went on to lead all 20 laps enroute to his 9th win of the season at the Bird and his 18th career win in the division which is good enough for second on the win list. 
Speedway Notes: 73 cars were in attendance for Night 1 of the Inaugural "Dirty Bird Bash". That breaks down to: 14 Pure Stocks, 17 E-Mods, 16 Super Late Models, 9 Semi Late Models, and 17 Four-Cylinders. The 2022 racing season has concluded. Looking ahead, a swap meet is planned to take place at the track on Saturday, October 15th, and the 2022 Outdoor Awards Banquet will take place on the hill above the track on Sunday, October 16th at 1pm. Tickets are $10/person and must be purchased ahead of time by calling 814-653-8400. There will be no tickets available at the banquet. For more information on both of these events call the track office at (814) 653-8400 or visit the tracks’ website at You can also follow the track on Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
PA Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau Pure Stocks
1st) #88 Josh Fields
2nd) #46 Dustin Challingsworth
3rd) #6/2P Casey Wolfe
4th) #76W Andrew Wallace
5th) #7X Mitch Stiles
6th) #37B Noah Bloom
7th) #56K Renae Meyer
8th) #101JR Bruce Hartzfeld Jr.
9th) #07 Barry Burritt
10th) #34 Tim Steis
11th) #33 Jenna Pfaff
12th) #14 Jake Foradori
13th) #18 Devin Dickey
14th) #50 Ashley Kilhoffer
Andy Man's Car Care E-Mods
1st) #71L Dennis Lunger Jr.
2nd) #27REX Steve Rex
3rd) #F4 Greg Johnson
4th) #71B Al Brewer
5th) #50 Bob McMillen
6th) #28 Mason Lobb
7th) #0 Dennis Asel
8th) #14R Chad Ramsey Jr.
9th) #07V Vaughn Nystrom
10th) #4J Jim Plance
11th) #21T Orin Taylor
12th) #4RJ RJ Simmons
13th) #61 Matthew Haskins
14th) #07P Tim Peterson
15th) #105 Zach Johnson
16th) #225 Bud Watson
17th) #73 Mike Duck
Carns Powersports/Mountain Extreme Super Late Models
1st) #5L Jon Lee
2nd) #20 Doug Eck
3rd) #36 Paul Kot
4th) #9 Levi Yetter
5th) #14 Clay Ruffo
6th) #W3 John Wayne Weaver
7th) #1B Dwayne Brooks
8th) #56 Dylan Fenton
9th) #18 Rich Runyan Jr.
10th) #11 Joshua Powell
11th) #66N Orvis Newcome lll
12th) #96 John Brady
13th) #27 Michael Lake
14th) #15 Anthony Marotto
15th) #18* Dylan Cecce
16th) #55 Denny Fenton
Swanson Heavy Truck Repair Semi Late Models
1st) #5X Nick Erskine
2nd) #44 Dan Smeal
3rd) #11 Kyle Shannon
4th) #27C Eddie Connor
5th) #2T Rich Wicker
6th) #3xAA Doug Surra
7th) #57 Bo Lockwood
8th) #22C Mike Blazer
9th) #1P Rod Phillips
Sunny 106 Four-Cylinders
1st) #3H Shawn Hadden
2nd) #26B Adam Bales
3rd) #8H Joe Huber
4th) #007 William Kephart
5th) #98E Ernie Irvin
6th) #24K Kevin Killinger
7th) #7 Shawn Burgess
8th) #43 Shane Wagner
9th) #35K Heidi Miller
10th) #88 Cory Price
11th) #72 Travis Ogden
12th) #419B John Brown
13th) #910 Zack Frantz
14th) #4T1 Allen Robison
15th) #07K Caelan Hughes
16th) #58R Ryan Lippert
17th) #76K Carl Killinger

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