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In 2020, we officially started a Kid's Club at The Bird with the help of the Srock Girls, Truitt Farms Racing, and Colleen Majors & the Kids Club Girls.

This year we've partnered with The Sub Hub of Reynoldsville, and we'd like to introduce the new Sub Hub Kids Club!
The Sub Hub Kids Club is located at Turn-4 beside the pit entrance. There will be weekly activities for the kids to enjoy, and fun & prizes to be had! We're also going to be holding a Birdwood Derby later in the year, and the kids will get to design and build their cars in plain view of their favorite drivers! Our tech staff is currently finalizing the rules for the Birdwood Derby, and more details will be announced soon!
Special thanks to Dave at The Sub Hub for sponsoring our Kids Club and The Birdwood Derby!

Get Your Sub At The Hub!

Saturday May 15, 2021...


Tonight at the Sub Hub Kids Club, we will begin the design phase of the Birdwood Derby. Kids will get to sketch their design for the car, and once the design is completed they may sign-out a pinewood car to take home. The only thing that may taken home is the block. The wheels and axles will be kept at the track and installed at the Kids Club at a later date. We have 50 cars available courtesy of The Sub Hub. Siblings are encouraged to work together as a team.
For those unable to attend to night, you can still enter and receive a car within the next couple of weeks if they are still available.
Children must be present and join the Kids Club to be eligible. A parent or guardian must also be present in order to sign out the car. The cars MUST be returned within 2 weeks. The rules for the Birdwood Derby are posted in the graphic below. Please note that the ONLY thing that may be done at home is the carving of the block.
Thanks again to Dave Wruble at The Sub Hub for sponsoring the Kids Club and The Birdwood Derby!

2021 Birdwood Derby Rules.jpg
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